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Pet licensing

Most municipal corporations across India require dog parents to obtain a license with the local authority under municipal or provincial law. There is a simple two-step process, usually widely publicised on the municipal corporation’s website, which pet parents have to follow. Here’s an example of what the Maharashtra Municipal Provincial Act says: All dog parents need is proof of their address, 3 passport size photos of the dog. A license, which is usually a paper card (like an AADHAR card) with the photo and details of the animals, is issued to the parent for the dog within six working days. You can even apply to receive a metallic badge with the license number to attach to your dog’s collar. Nowadays, municipalities even advise micro-chipping your animal.That’s it. Very rarely will the requirements and process be different from this mostly standardised procedure.There is a general lack of awareness among dog parents that leads them to believe that dog licenses are not as important.

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Offline Application For Dog License :                     Download in English                   Download in Hindi


Online Application For Tax on Dogs :                      Application Form


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