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August 3, 2018

Collies are the Girl Scouts of the canine world — they’re intelligent, resourceful, and intensely loyal. So loyal, in fact, that a Collie once traveled from Indiana all the way to Oregon (over 3,000 miles!) to find her family. And if you own a television, this breed probably looks familiar. Timmy’s Collie and best friend, Lassie, is one of the most famous dogs in the world.

Originally bred for companionship, herding, and guarding, today many Collies are beloved family dogs. We can’t promise yours will save you if you fall down a well, but train her right and your Collie will be a super friend.

With origins in Scotland and Wales, this large-sized and medium-energy breed can grow to between 50-75 pounds and lives an average of 8-12 years. The breed is recognized by the American Kennel Club and classified as a member of the Herding group.

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